The operation is in the future eco fluvial area of the island-Saint-Denis, in the location of the Printemps warehouses. The site is a developing district with the Creation Cluster. The PA3 lots, PA4 and PA5 forms the first plot of this ZAC. This project management mission was offered in collaboration with ECDM and Thibault Babled architects.

The site has a special position on the banks of the Seine and close to the future “Place des Commerces”, structuring the new district. The site is bounded by the Quai du Chatelier, main axis of the island along the largest arm of the Seine, the Place des Commerces close to the mobility center, and the “Allée des Arts” a pedestrian street. The lot PA3 designed by our agency, will be connected to Marques Avenue and will mark the southern entrance of the eco neighborhood.

The building has 8 superstructure levels (R + 7 and mezzanine) with some duplex accessible from the 7th level, and no infrastructure level. On the ground floor, two private courtyards get through the island, to provide visual and functional permeability between the dock and the Allée des Arts. Arranged on the streets, docks and inside the courtyards, workshops and retails are wide open to the public space. The repeating pattern of wood joinery and large windows mark the unity of the ground floor.

In the levels, the uniqueness of each lot is even more expressed by the materials diversity, even if they match together through the use of wood. In order to break the linearity of the facades, the building volume is cut along rhythms based on the alternation between faults and balconies. Offering a variety ranging from T1 to T5, accommodations are organized in L around the patio and passages, and they all have views over the Seine. The thin volume offers a high porosity as well as housing through with Southeast oriented living rooms. While the bedrooms are oriented towards the quiet heart of the plot. The design of wide sinusoidal balconies, offset from one level to another ensures good sunlight and creates a subtle play on volumes and front undulations.
This project will answer to the certification Habitat & Environment Profile A.

Photos by Sergio Grazia