UNFOLDING YOUNG (?) GINO VALLE @ Unfolding Pavilion Venice Biennale

The proposal is to put together two unrelated items, both interesting and appropriate, but both with an acceptable level of threat:

  1. Little Italy set its field of research on the Italian architects born in the 1980s, meaning under 38;
  2. The location for the 2018's Unfolding Pavillion is the Giudecca social housing, one of the Gino Valle masterpieces. The proposal is to use them as a pretext and make them clash, to possibly prime, just like nitroglycerine, a more unpleasant (but hopefully stimulating) debate on the heritage left by the previous generations of architects to the current condition of our discipline. The proposal exposes the context and the conditions of a “young” (is/was under 38 ever considered “young”!?) Gino Valle to unevenly and rudely compare them to the context and conditions of the current generation.