Garden of Seven Moments

Our professional approach to the design of a garden for a private residence begins with an understanding of the site's ecology, the consideration of wishes and needs of the client and the importance of time in landscape design.

Divided into seven intertwined moments, which are also spaces, this garden defines key episodes within the property that are characterized by topographic conditions, sun and wind exposure, and vegetation complexity. Every moment is also a specific place, intimately connected to the surrounding landscape through views or trails.

The immediate surroundings of the house are defined by a sloping shade garden that connects the entrance floor to the lower terraced areas. The second moment is a secret bamboo passage which tricks the wandering visitor into a play of light at the end of the leafy axis and the sound of water coming from a trickling rock fountain. The third is a Mediterranean perennial and shrub border which ties together a long black wall on the edge of the property to the lower realm via a gentle grassy ramp.