VUE Hotel

Overall Concept for the Brand

The VUE Hotel brand exemplifies the new wave of locally-rooted boutique hospitality experiences, a global cultural phenomenon now finding roots in China. “VUE” in French means “view” or “a way to see” and VUE hotels aspire to present a fresh way of “seeing” hospitality design and experiences. VUE’s DNA upends conventional Chinese notions of hospitality and is defined by 4 core pillars: 1. Encourages Socialising; 2. Transcendence of culture; 3. Delightful & Whimsical; 4. Relaxed & Inviting.

Each bespoke VUE property will draw richly from the culture and heritage of its neighborhood, yet always transcending it with a contemporary and whimsical twist. Unapologetically modern in its approach, the brand embodies the desires of the urbane traveller; creating comfortable and inviting social spaces that are paired with intriguing art and innovative cuisine.

With expansion planned for multiple properties in key cities across China, the VUE Hotel brand is pioneered by Wuhai, CEO of Orange Hotels Group and created by internationally acclaimed design studio Ministry of Design, who are responsible for the holistic strategy, branding and all design & art creation.