Lighthouse sea hotel

The haunting beauty of the place suggests a project which does not impose an excessive and arrogant presence, rather, in dialogue with the morphology of the site. The idea of Lighthouse Sea Hotel is based on simplicity and silence. The project tries to resolve, with sensibility to the site, the dialectical relation between the artiThcial and the natural, at the same time, proposes a functional and constructive clarity. This simplicity gives it the sobriety and elegance needed to fits in an environment of such strong character. The LSH is a simple place with essential services and a small space for water sports school and training activities; like a shelter, reinterpreting in a contemporary way the sicilian historical architecture and the traditional rural constructions. This seemingly primitive building tries to establish, through its sculpted surfaces, a unique relationship with its surrounding environment. The Lighthouse Sea Hotel, incorporated into the walkway, became a belvedere on the sea. The existing buildings and the new LSH are linked together by the paths. The proposal combines the conservation and protection of the botanical richness and its landscape value, through a route that involves the perception of time, for a slowly discovery of this ‘natural monument’.