Casa Mestizo | Mestizo House

2017 | Generic Chilean Forest, Chile | Competition - Proposal | Guillermo Müller Videla + Josefina Gallardo Herrera

Reinterpretation of two typologies of Chilean houses

Concept_ Chile has been subject to various economic and social influences throughout its history as an independent nation. These influences have had an impact on the cultural life of the country.

Where Spanish, Italian, German, English migrations, among others have been the vehicle of these influences. Contemporary architecture in Chile is associated with these influences but reinterprets them and adapts them.

Mestizo house reinterprets and adapts these influences. Hybridizing two different building typologies, the courtyard house - Chilean patronal house in the central area – and the house with a corridor - the traditional German house adapted and located in the south of the country – and creates a new kind of housing form is shaped to respond a generic context, a generic forest throughout the country.