Residential Schillerpark

Once a café - now a residential loft reduced to the essential needs of living. The material reduction brings with itself a highly generous open space. Hence the radical choice of the materials and the minimalistic interior emanate a spacious and aesthetical charm - a counter reaction to the crowded and overexcited surrounding environment.

Firstly, the interior needed to be restored to its initial state. Therefore, suspended ceilings, floors and other structures had to be removed and disposed of. Studio Knack has planned and supervised the entire interior renovation.

After revealing the structure, the exposed concrete could be kept intact while the pipe installations were given a shiny metallic cover that places them in contrast to the coarse texture of the walls and columns. The urban look of the structure is balanced out by the polished concrete flooring and smooth white surfaces of the kitchen counters. Warmer furniture tones such as the timber dining table and the dark brown couches emanate a feeling of comfort.

The freestanding bathtub gives an elegant and sophisticated feel to the slightly industrial character of the open space.

The history of the place lingers on giving the project a unique authenticity – one can still feel what the space used to be like even though its functionality has been reintepreted. The minimalism that infuses it leaves room for interpretation allowing for an environment that meets the needs of the owner both aesthetically and purposefully. An open space for open minds is the end result.

Photography by Burko & Jaeger

Studio KNACK

Foto di Burko Jaeger