Farmer's House (ㄷhouse)

The courtyard in the center of the house becomes integrated with the inner space while changing the impression of the house occasionally as a water playground for children on summer days, a barbecue yard under moonlight in autumn and snowy landscape in winter. The roof, which slopes very low towards the courtyard so to make the top plane visible from the inside, not only adds to the openness of the courtyard but also blurs the boundaries of the inner space and the courtyard, making the house look more spacious than it actually is.

Having the common scenery in mind such as the single-storey houses with gabled roof, warehouses, and simple vinyl greenhouses, familiar forms and materials are used in somewhat unconventional ways that makes the house not so boring and foreign in the neighborhood. By using the corrugated galvanized steel plate for roofing which is very common in the countryside and stretching the wooden rafters lightly on solid brick walls, it was intended to give the intermediate sensibility between the Traditional Korean House (Hanok) and vernacular folk houses.