FARO. Green Academy

The FARO project is developed in order to follow the founding principle of Dismeco: RECYCLING.
In this regard the project evolves answering the following question: “How to renovate an industrial building by maintaining its essential character and minimizing the overall efforts?”.
To properly assess the question, the feasibility of the project with respect to the program, the volume and the building accessibility is set at the center of the architectural concept. Realism and practicality drives the design process. The building complex is divided into two main sections, the semi-private one comprising the university and the green businesses and the public one with the museum, the health center and the other services. A green promenade in the middle flows from the ground floor up to the tower covering two opposed functions of dividing and linking the two sections. From the science and recycling museum, at the ground floor, through the laboratories and the university up to the incubator and start-ups, representing the cutting edge of the recycling research, the visitor gets to experience the different activities connected to the recycling process.
A green roof at the end of the promenade allows enjoying the surrounding nature.
The existing building is preserved as a strong basement volume with its own structural rhythm.
The central opening with the mirror tower add lightness and transparency towards the surrounding landscape. The tower as the lighthouse of Science looks towards completion with Nature.