Restaurant RAW

RAW is a 60-seat lifestyle restaurant which serves vibrant ‘bistronomy’, a new wave of cooking style born in Paris, offering experimental haute cuisine. The mission of RAW was to bring ‘The New Interpretation of Taiwanese Flavor’ to the table by highlighting beautiful Taiwanese seasonal produce through innovative food and drink.

Chef André Chiang's food is always presented with artistry providing a muse for WEIJENBERG to select colours and tones accordingly to keep the main dining area minimal. The desired aesthetic was to create a close proximity between customer and food – table and chairs with lighting that would almost shine on the dishes only. The experience of Andre’s food is intended to be intimate. This intimacy allowed us to use wood as our main medium in the restaurant in its pure state to encapsulate the customers within the wooden sculpture in a gentle manner. The tables each have a different shaped table top, to break the space and monotony further, preventing a clustered feel. It also creates a sense of variety as you can dine at RAW many times and never have the same seat or view.