Interior design for a store selling seasonal produce and dairy products managed by a company which runs its own farm. We were tasked with providing a space to attractively display said products by evoking the imagery associated with the farmstead and the fresh high quality seasonal produce and milk, which is a key ingredient of their dairy products, throughout the entire space.
The palette features a signature color gradation suggestive of the golden sun and green forests associated with the farmland where vegetables sold at the YUME MARCHE are grown.
Interestingly, the wavy contours of the counter and shelves appear to depict a cow's udder or a splash of milk.
Moreover, fixtures found at the center of the store are made up of hexagonal units in order to accommodate varying types of items, such as vegetables, on sale each day.
Furthermore, four-sided fixtures hanging from the upper part of the wall offer an enlarged representation of a tree trunk's uneven surface.
These features contribute to lend the space a sense of unity and create an imagery brimming with the vitality of the sun and forest while sending out a perspicuous image as a store seeking to make high quality products.