Collage House

Living in Mumbai it is impossible to ignore informal settlements, and there are many lessons to be learnt in frugality, adaptability, multi-tasking, resourcefulness and ingenuity. A language emerges that is of the found object, ad-hoc, eclectic, patched and collaged. It has been attempted here to apply these lessons without romanticizing or fetishizing them. The project looks at the idea of recycling and collage in several ways, from the very physical - like materials, energy, etc. to the intangible - like history, space and memories. The house plays up this contrast between the old and new, the traditional and the contemporary, the rough and the finished. One finds use of recycled materials along with new ways of using traditional elements and materials. A language emerges that is both new but strangely familiar at the same time and that makes us rethink notions of beauty that we take for granted around us.