In PRISMA, the sky does not contain. It is content. The outside is inside. The incommensurable fragments itself. The infinite shatters, it acquires boundaries; it is limited in space. It is a paradox in perception, where the chaos of what is unpredictable and intangible, and the infinity of the atmosphere and the ethereal are materialized in a structure within architectural shapes.

As if a portion of the sky appeared through a crackle in the walls. But, in this case, the sky is a construct;it is texture, boundaries, limits...

In this work of art, Teresa Maluf allows for an inverse civilizing process. Instead of placing an axis on virgin soil, an axis mundis, an upwards and downwards, a North and South, or a forwards and backwards, the artist, in a founding gesture, offers civilized lands with an escape route: an exit to infinity, a chance to understand chaos, a chance to grasp the ungraspable.

Text by Antonia de la Torre.