New CIMeC Labs - Manifattura Tabacchi - Rovereto

The project for the new laboratories of CIMeC (Center for Mind/Brain Sciences) of the University of Trento is part of the larger masterplan for the reuse of the old tobacco factory Manifaturra Tabacchi in Rovereto. The biggest portion of the new building, which replaces the existing warehouse, is placed underground and is going to be connected with the existing buildings through pedestrian tunnels. The part, which is going to be built above the ground, is placed between the new public square, corresponding to the old paved plaza used to dry the tobacco leaves, and a new green area placed in the area, which was originally used as a garden for the director’s house.
The new building, crossed by a pedestrian path, is conceived as a steel and glass pavilion and is intended to host the most public functions of CIMeC, such as the cafeteria and the conference room. The intention to use concrete, steel and glass as construction materials is the result of the attempt to maintain the industrial characteristics of the site.