Bauhaus Museum Dessau

How to design the new Bauhaus museum in Dessau? Through the creation of an autonomous fragment. An essential architecture, an archaic geometry. A pure geometric form in the shapeless space of a modern piranesi’s campomarzio. This is the new Bauhaus museum in Dessau! The absolute form as meaning. Form and function. A big cross defines four huge glazed spaces towards the park and holds up the upper floor dedicated to the Bauhaus exhibition. A building designed like a big museum machine, perfectly working. The ticket and information office is placed in a glazed foyer, close to the cafeteria and the shop. The other three glazed spaces are dedicated to the workshops and temporary exhibitions. In the big cross there are all the services and a monumental staircase, lightened by skylight, leading to the upper floor. A small technical volume, accessible from Friedrichstraße, hides the loading and unloading area.