Sala Phuket

The resort itself is situated on a local beach, further away from the ‘center’, yet it is utterly global in its scope since it brings together travelers from all corners of the world into one place. The project repositions us within the reality of the multi-cultural context of today’s globalized world. It recognizes our own complex contemporary condition which is not purely eastern, nor entirely western; it neither refuses the contemporary culture, nor disconnects with its history. The architecture reflects the co-existence of culture rather than denying it, also fittingly enough to the site of the project - Phuket - which has a long history of cultural crossover among the Chinese, the European, the Malay, and the Thai.

The design approach focuses on the sensational dimension of the ‘other’ experience that is embodied within the newly conceived spatial experience. The physical form of the architecture is modest rather than aggressive. The visual gives way to the experiential.