Embroidering the Edge | E13

Europan 13 - A Coruña, Spain

“Knowing, apreciating and recognizing the environment; understand, feel and claim the site, preserve, refubrish and transform the place” Yi-Fu Tuan, 1930
The place is a dynamic concept, a difuse word based on the personal experience of the scenery. A place is not only beautiful in its forms, but also in its sounds, light and sights. The area in this competition is precisely a bunch of lines knot together along the shore, creating a line, and horizon full of complexity, that trough time has become ill, transformed and blurry until showing its wounds. Complexity: it wounds, its use, its place have taken the sight away from its essence, only understood in a perceptive manner. This site’s contrast disturbs the first sight, terrifies, challenges. But it is, precisely there, where its interest and beauty is based. Drawing this place means showing all its good points and only with a few more lines of an architectural proposal show its nature.