Wild Synapse | E13 Winners

Europan 13 Espoo, Finland

Housing for Aalto University´s Campus in Otaniemi, Helsinki (FI) by Borja Sallago, Alan Cortez and Manuel Pinilla.

Wild Synapse///a manifesto///

Wild Synapse is not a project. It is an attitude.

Wild Synapse is a sudden spark in the friction between human beings and nature.

Wild Synapse is a way of living in radical contact with nature.

It is a Synapse because it links multiple realities concepts we cannot see, but can feel and live.

It is Wild in order to let nature run its course.

Wild Synapse comes as an answer to multiple conditions.

It builds a shelter, a home, a meeting point... but it also fades in the presence of ever changing nature.

It is timeless and complex. Adaptable to the inhabitants of today and tomorrow.